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Asthma & Stroke Best Free Treatments- New


If you don't know about Asthma & Stroke Symptoms and Easy Treatment, then this post will be helpful for you.

Easy Treatment for Asthma & Stroke

Asthma is a Greek word meaning rapid breathing. When you have asthma, the airways in the lungs become very sensitive and swell and become inflamed very quickly. Asthma is an ancient and well-known disease in the human body. Asthma is a shortness of breath or shortness of breath that occurs after a few days. There are many symptoms of asthma that can be understood as asthma. Below are the symptoms of asthma, treatment, and diet of asthma patients

Symptoms of asthma

This problem can be exacerbated if the airways are thin, resulting in a sore throat. Asthma can be accompanied by cough and phlegm. 

Late at night, there is shortness of breath which is known as chronic asthma.

Shortness of breath causes pain inside the chest.

The smell of flowers, the pollen of flowers, and the contact with the fur of various animals actually cause shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath in winter or cold-related problems.

Prolonged coughing and coughing, and wheezing.




Shortness of breath in light dust

Treatment of asthma

To keep breathing regular, the body needs to supply adequate oxygen to its cells.

Asthma patients should expel carbon dioxide from the body, so try to stay in an open environment at all times.

If the asthma problem is severe, the medicine should be taken according to the symptoms very quickly. However, if you are relatively healthy, it is possible to talk to your doctor about asthma and take medicine according to the cause.

Asthma patients should not work hard, and even if they are more excited, asthma problems increase.

There are some foods that asthma patients should not eat, such as guru meat, hilsha fish, shrimp fish, Lettuce, sweet pumpkin, eggplant, etc. 

If the asthma problem suddenly increases, it is better to give an inhaler immediately as it reduces the shortness of breath and makes it somewhat normal.

An asthma patient should always have an inhaler as he may have shortness of breath at any time.

Asthma patients should not go near dusty places or smoky environments.

A device called a nebulizer is essential for asthma patients, so keep it at home.

Good food for asthma patients

Always eat lukewarm food and eat more fruits.

Eat goat's milk with bay leaves, mint, and black cumin.

Eat more colored tea with ginger mint.

Honey, soup, and black cumin oil




Harmful food for asthma patients

Cold foods in the fridge are bad for asthma patients, so these should be avoided.

It is better to eat less bitter food, sweet curd, spinach, Malabar spinach, potato, radish, carrot, etc.

Symptoms and treatment of stroke

Many people think that heart attack and stroke are the same diseases, but many people do not know that there are two conditions. Stroke is basically a brain disease, and the third leading cause of death in human beings is stroke. According to the survey, 300 to 350 out of one lakh people are suffering from a stroke.


What is a stroke?

There are three types of stroke: TIA, Progressing stroke, Complete stroke. A patient with TIA stroke recovers within 24 hours. With a progressive stroke, the patient's condition becomes severe, and the situation becomes terrible and leads to death. In the case of a complete stroke, the patient's condition remains the same as before, and there is no deterioration.

The blood vessels become blocked often, stroke occurs, blood vessels rupture, and blood flows to the brain. Eighty-five percent of strokes are due to blood vessel blockage, and 15 percent are bleeding through a blood vessel.

Causes of stroke

One of the causes of stroke is an increase in cholesterol or bad fats in the blood. Moreover, heart problems also cause strokes. Bleeding in the brain is caused by High Blood Pressure. The risk of death from this stroke is very high.

Stroke prevention

To reduce the risk of high blood pressure, you need to reduce fat in the blood. For this, you should eat less rice and more vegetable salads. 

For those who are older, it is better to eat less beef and mutton. Especially castrated meat has a lot of cholesterol which is better not to eat in adults. Walking 20 to 30 minutes every day will reduce the risk of stroke. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and those who suffer from high blood pressure should take regular medication. Patients with high blood pressure should always be on medication.