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Median UI v1.5 Premium Theme | Best Blogger Template for Adsense Approval


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New blogger template from Jago Design, Median UI. UI Dashboard Blogger Template Median UI V1.5 is an updated version of the previous Median UI Blogger Template. This template is recommended for news blogs. One of the best things about this template is that it has simple designs that are easy to read, which is a plus.

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Adsense Approval SEO Free Best Premium Template 

There is also a difference in the appearance of the menu compared to other templates. This theme uses a three-column layout with the first column dedicated to navigation menus, which can reduce the navigation width. Upon first glance, this template appears to be a web application that makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

Blog Settings

Median UI Header for Notifications

The Blogger layout allows you to activate this feature and a new blog will appear at the top of the header with text notifications to readers that can be collapsed.

In addition, we've added a link button that you can easily activate.

SEO Consultant Tips

This alternative navigation menu can be edited directly through the Blogger layout. We realize not everyone is familiar with HTML, so we provide an alternative navigation menu. There is only one drawback to this menu: the icons are limited, and you cannot add a dropdown menu to it.

In the future, we'll continue to experiment with this widget to make it better. There is a Slider Widget available on this page.

This widget was available in version 1.3, but we decided to remove it in version 1.4 because it isn't perfect (there are still bugs).

Version 1.5 of this widget is now available with improved usability.

Median UI Pop-up Profile Widgets

If this widget was in the sidebar in previous versions, we've moved it to the header section and added a pop-up menu to make it easier to access. There is a similarity between this concept and that of Google's "Profile Box".

Median UI Template Customization

We've also added three new custom post pages that you can access by using certain labels.You can use the labels Fullpage, Sponsored and Product to activate this page. In addition, the Featured Posts and Popular Posts widgets change appearance when you use one of these labels on an article on the homepage.

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Median UI New Post Formatting

Post styles like Grid image and Scroll image have also been added. Aside from that, we completely rewrote all of the post-style code for the website. A complete list can be found on this page if you click on it.

Median UI Pop-up comments on Blogger

Median UI template now includes the comment pop-up feature, which has been simplified and improved.

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Median Ui 1.5 Premium Template features 

Seo Ready\sSchema Ready\sWp WordPress Headers and Footers With Style

The Dark Mode

Menus on the side

No footer. Credit\sSafe

Responds to no-encrypted script

Easy to load

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Ads in the footer

Head Post Ads Center at the Bottom Customizable Ad Posts

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