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How to Make Lips and Fingernails Beautiful


Ways to beautify lips and fingernails

Nails are a part of the body that looks good on the hands or feet because of their beauty—enhancing the beauty of a boy or girl with his fingernails or toenails. 

It is normal to eat a little crush on the lovely tone of one's fingernails. Regular fingernails should be taken care of as well as the skin should be treated if necessary. 

These should be done a little more to keep the nails clean and well. Many people have nail disease. Swelling of the nails, rotting the nails, brittleness of the nails, death of the pins should be taken care of. 

A beautiful hand comes to the notice of everyone when the nails of his writing are lovely. Many people think that having big nails means gorgeous nails. 

This is an entirely wrong idea.  Your nails will be beautiful only when your nails are healthy. If your hands are beautiful, but your nails are not attractive, then your hands will look ugly because of your nails.

 If you want to make your nails beautiful, you have to be very careful, and you need to clean or cream them regularly



Easy 20 Tips to Beautify Fingernails

1. Mix lemon juice and a small amount of olive oil on one foot and apply it to your nails. After 1/2 hour, wash the nails and wipe with something thin.

2. Soak the nails in lukewarm water with labour juice for a while. It will harden the nails.

3. It is not right to keep the nails too big. It has the potential to break. Wash your hands thoroughly after eating oily foods.

4. When taking a bath, brush your nails with some soap with a brush.

5. Applying a good brand of cream on the nails while sleeping at night will increase the brightness of the nails.

6. Apply a good cream on the nails after using the remover.

7. Even if it is not correct to apply too much nail polish if you apply nail polish, you should clean your nails well before applying it.

8. Soak your nails for a while by mixing lemon, shampoo, and salt in lukewarm water. After a time, wipe the nails with a thin cloth and apply a good moisturizing lotion.

How to Make Lips and Fingernails Beautiful.
Images: Fingernails

9. Many people have the habit of cutting nails with their teeth. Get rid of this habit.

10. Soak the nails for a while before cutting the nails to cut the nails well.

11. If the nails are in the water for a long time, the nails become swollen, and there is a possibility of infection.

12. Do not use anything sharp when removing nail polish as it may stain the nails.

13. Do not apply pressure with your nails while holding anything hard, as it may cause problems at the base of the nails.

14. Eating nutritious food gives good nails, and nails are strong.

15. You can apply coconut oil to your sleeping nails at night. If you have more problems with your nails, you can consult a doctor.

16. Many people apply nail polish on their nails, but it can lead to infection in your nails if it continues like this.

17. Those who have soft nails should keep their nails file to stop nail breakage, and it is better not to use metal filler.

18. Eat foods rich in vitamin B, protein, calcium because lack of nutritious food makes nails soft.



19. Those applying more nail polish should use nail polish for a more extended time as repeated nail polish causes nail problems.

20. Many nails are yellow. To make the nails brighter and whiter, you can mix rose water and glycerin and apply them to the nails. This will make the nails brighter.

Never use nails as your tool, and don't have big nails. So you care about your nails as much as you care about your body.

Ways to get pink and attractive lips

Ways to get pink and attractive lips

Do your lips have black or black spots? Not everyone's lips are pink, but those who can take regular care of their lips are beautiful and pink. 

If you want, you can quickly turn your lips pink in 10-15 days. Today's post is for many women or girls who are too busy to take care of themselves regularly. 

Make your lips naturally pink and attractive with just two ingredients every night for 5 minutes.

Many people think that cigarettes, tea, and coffee make their lips black. But this idea is entirely wrong because cigarettes, tea, and coffee are the daily food of many girls in different countries. 

Girls in many countries have pink but attractive lips, but it is a genetic problem in our country, so there is nothing to worry about. 

However, black lips have some reasons, such as using less expensive or adulterated lipstick, using different adulterated chapsticks because they contain harmful chemicals. Lips can also be black for a variety of reasons.

If you spend 4 minutes every night to make your lips pink and fair, you will see that your lips start to turn pink in 8-10 days.

 Tips for getting beautiful lips.

Which should be used to make the lips beautiful.

We will only need two components

# Skim milk

# Glycerin

You can give butter instead of milk if you want, in which case the effectiveness may be less. First, mix the condensed milk and glycerin well in a bowl. Mix these as much as possible, even after the milk has a little churn. 

Before going to bed at night, rub your lips with a bit of mixture with your fingers. Massage for 3/4 minutes and go to sleep and get up in the morning and apply the mixture again before washing your hands and face. 

After applying for 2/3 minutes, wipe with a thin cloth or tissue. Just do this for 8-10 days, and your lips will start to turn pink.

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