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Make Hair and Eye Petals Beautiful


Ways to make hair and eye petals longer and thicker

Hair is not the same for everyone. Someone's fur is sensitive, which becomes rough in a light dust. Hair skin is sensitive skin, so if the dirt gets stuck in the dust, the hair vitamins will gradually decrease, and the hair will start falling out. 

At the end of winter, there is a touch of light heat. During this time, various changes can be noticed in the hair and skin. Therefore, extra care and proper care are needed to keep hair straight during this time. Mild cold and mild heat, so the hair becomes rough and sticky. Dust is more noticeable during spring which causes discomfort for the skin and hair, so extra care should be taken. Beautiful neat hair enhances the beauty of the body, so extra care is needed for the hair. 

Our country has six seasons, so the weather keeps changing. Not every season is the same. Some changes in hair can be noticed in different temperatures. At the end of winter and the light touch of the average hair, changes are expected. Hair needs extra care and extra care in different seasons. 

Ways to make hair attractive and hair care

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Head massage

Massage lightly oiled palm on the scalp for two to three consecutive days. Since the hair is dirtier at this time, more vitamins are needed for the hair. Heat the oil lightly on the scalp, then massage it on the scalp for a while. If you want, you can take light lemon juice, then the dandruff problem will be removed. Then, wash your head after 30/40 minutes of head massage.


1: All the dust on the head will be cleared.

2: The blood circulation in the head will increase, and the head will remain cold.

3: If you have a dandruff problem, it will be better, and the hair will be clean

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair gets sticky in spring weather, so use more and more shampoo and conditioner. Add a lot of dust and sand to the hair, so add shampoo as well as conditioner. 


1:  The hair will become neat, and the life of the hair will come.

2: Hair will be free from dandruff, and hair roots will be vital.

3: Diseased hair will go later, and hair roots will be better.

Aloe vera for hair

Use aloe vera to keep hair soft. The hair is a little rough during mild heat, so using it will stop wearing the coat. Moreover, sour yogurt plays a more influential role for hair at this time. Therefore, apply sour yogurt and light lemon juice on the head for 2/3 consecutive days.


1: Hair durability will increase, and various hair diseases will be better.

2: Hair will remain dry

Vitamin-E capsules and tea leaf water for hair care

Light sweating and dust cause a lot of problems in the hair. After 3/4 days, apply a vitamin-E tablet on the scalp by heating the oil lightly. Moreover, the tea leaves for making tea are cooled with lukewarm water and put on the head. You can notice some changes in the hair using these. 


1: Hair will be neat as well as the roughness of the hair will be removed.

2: Vitamin deficiency in hair will be met, and hair roots will be vital.

Ways to make the eye petals bigger and thicker

Celebrities are often seen at various significant events. Inside their makeup, you will see that the hairs of the eyes are large, and you may think that they are really petals. There are many types of petals available in the market that they use, but you can grow the original petals without worrying if you want. If you follow some rules or attend, your Eye Petals will become big and thick in just a few days. Everyone loves big eye petals. It enhances the beauty of not only your eyes but also your face. 

Many people wear eye petals, but naturally, long, thick eye petals are attractive to everyone. When it comes to makeup or when you wear makeup, the perfection of makeup does not come without big petals. However, if you want, you can make your eye petals naturally longer and thicker in some easy way, and you don't have to use fake petals anymore.

Tips to enlarge eye petals naturally.

Coconut oil and olive oil contain fatty acids that nourish the body's glandular cells. With regular use, the eyelids will be beautiful in a few days. 

Sleep with light coconut oil or olive oil on the eyelids before going to bed every day. I hope you will understand the change after 15 days. Petroleum jelly helps the eye petals to be flexible. Every night before going to bed, take some petroleum jelly on the fingers and apply it to the eye petals. 

Take a break from makeup because the mascara you use when applying makeup makes the petals of the cheek very Ruined. So you can take makeup every few days when you want to enlarge your eye petals.

You can use an egg mask. Eggs contain a lot of biotins which makes hair grow very fast. Mix glycerin with eggs, apply it on the eyelids 2/3 times a week, and continue regularly for 15/20. This will enlarge your eyelids as well as prevent eye drops from falling off.

Always keep the eye petals clean. We often go to sleep without cleaning them with mascara. Remember never to sleep with makeup as it is very harmful to the skin. If you want to clean it gently before going to sleep, you can use makeup remover. If you can comb regularly, the petals will grow. Scrub your eye petals lightly with a few drops of Vitamin E in the special comb available for searching the eyelids. Keep the petals tidy at all times, or you can use hair extensions cream.

Green tea contains antioxidants and vitamins that prevent hair loss. Make a cup of strong green tea, then cool. When it is cold, take soft cotton. Soak the cotton and apply it to your petals twice a day. If you continue to do this for 15 days in a row, you will notice the change after 15 days.

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