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Blogging for Beginners Course Free- Best

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Increase Knowledge by Blogging. 

How to grow your talent by blogging and why blogging is best for creativity. Everything about blogging from first to last will be told step by step. All the basic information about blogging will be in this series which will benefit you, and you will learn something. 

What is Blogging?

Blogger is a platform of Google where it is an easy way to get something from Google by showing your activity and doing something unique. 

You, too, can get something better if you work hard for a while. There are many more companies besides Google that work like Google. No matter what the company is, Google is in the first place because it has many customers.

What is Blogger & WordPress?

Blogger is a Google product with all the security provided by Google. 

WordPress is a third-party product, but you can also apply with WordPress. To work in WordPress, you will need a domain and separate hosting provided by different companies. The blogger's design has to be arranged according to the template, but it is also wonderful if you can arrange it properly.

Blogging for Beginners Course Free- Best
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Blogger or WordPress - which is better

I would say start working with Blogger first. When many visitors come to your site, then Blogger can transfer the site and take WordPress. When you start working on Blogger, you will not need any separate goods because Google will keep all your posts or videos in its memory. 

In WordPress, all your posts or videos have to be paid to a different company, that is, to the hosting provider. Suppose they keep all your posts in their memory, and you pay them in return. So I would say start working with Blogger first.

Moreover, Blogger is a straightforward system that you can easily understand. In the end, I will say both are good, but first, you start with Blogger.

The first time you have to work, there will be no income, but you will have to pay every month for hosting. It will be your loss.

Moreover, it takes a long time to rank a site. It is better not to spend so much money at first.

Blogging for Beginners Course Free- Best
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Which are the top label domains (TLD)














Moreover, each country has some country domains

For example, Bangladesh is the country domain

Blogging for Beginners Course Free- Best
Images: Blogging

How Google ranks our site

Suppose you have a company now you want to run your company or make it popular. If you want to make it popular, you have to spend as much as you see on the television screen. Now you give this job to Google and set a price that some Google will pay every time someone enters your site. Now Google will show it to people, so they show it to people through Blogger and YouTube.  

Now, Google alone can show how many or Google can't make so many sites where they will show, so they show other people through ordinary people like us in return for which they give us something. 

However, it is true that Google takes very little profit and gives us more than half of the profit. It benefits Google and bloggers and YouTubers like us.

Why do you blog

If you are thinking of learning something by writing, then you can start blogging. As well as studying and working, you can occasionally enhance your experience with time.  

This will increase your creativity, and you will be able to learn something. Moreover, you can gain a lot of knowledge through blogging. 

What you need to know to blog

To blog, you need to know something unique that no one else has written before. Write and publish a post every day or every 1/2 day, or every 3/4 days. 

The main condition for blogging is that you need to have good writing experience to be successful. Write some content that no one has written before. 

The biggest thing is that you have to have a blogging mindset so you can focus. 

When does Google value your content?

Your posts must be unique writing that no one has written before.  It is better to use at least one image in each blog. Moreover, the images must be unique that no one has used before. In other words, the info details of the image must be copyright-free.

Blogging for Beginners Course Free- Best
Images: Blogging

If each post is written in 1000 to 1500 words, the post will become popular very soon. Google has no specific catch that you have to write at least so many words. However, if it is 200/300 air, there is a problem with publishing the post or index.

Blogger needs to use a nice theme where there will be no bugs. Use a nice theme that can be browsed nicely with a computer or phone.

Adults may not contain any content or post anything obscene.  The main thing is to tick the grammar of the content so that it is in beautiful language. 

No bad comments or physical harassment can be made against anyone. You can understand that Google has some policies by reading them.