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Black Spot Removal and Skin Care


Ways to Remove Black Spots on hands, feet, neck, and body

don't have body skin like our facial skin. We don't take care of other skin of the body because we don't take care of the face. Many faces are very bright and beautiful, but their hands, feet, and neck remain black spots

This problem puts many people to shame. With regular care at home, this problem will go away in a short time, and your body will be much brighter. Hands, feet, body, these are the external organs of our body. The beauty of the body is revealed through these. Almost all the girls take care of themselves to maintain their beauty. You will also look wonderful when different parts of your body are fair. So you should not only look at your face but also look at other parts of the body. 

At present, in the context of our country, it has become complicated to get original products for the skin. It is a little difficult to get the product inside the rate at which the adulterated product is growing. You can take care of your skin in a natural herbal way without thinking about external products. There are many herbal products in the country which are in great demand. All beauty treatments should be done to develop beauty. 

Beauty treatment does not mean being beautiful. Beauty treatment means taking care of the skin and keeping your skin well. If you have dark spots on your skin, then see how to lighten the skin easily at home.

Tips to whiten black spots on hands, feet, neck, and body

When you go out to work, after coming home after work, wash your hands and feet and apply sour yogurt. You will see that the burn marks outside are decreasing.

>Make Hands and Feet Beautiful and Attractive

Apply Vaseline on the feet regularly, and you will see that the hands and feet have become much softer, and the dark feeling has gone away.

Take a Vitamin-E cap to remove black spots on hands and feet, then mix Vitamin-E Cap Liquid with lemon juice, glycerin, and raw milk. Massage the mixture before bathing every day, and you will see that your hands and feet will be brighter.

Mustard oil has been used by people since ancient times because it keeps the skin very well. In the modern era, mustard oil paste has been reduced due to cosmetics. Applying mustard oil on the skin is very beneficial as it keeps the skin very well.

When you go out in the sun, you must apply sunscreen cream and after a bath, apply good cream lotion or Vaseline on the body, hands, and feet.

Mix aloe vera gel with almond oil and apply it on hands and feet to quickly remove black spots.

Cucumber juice is mostly used for beauty treatment, so mix rose water and glycerin with cucumber juice and apply it to the skin, hands, and feet.

Tomato and potato juice work as natural bleaching, so you can apply their juice on your hands and feet if you want.

To remove black spots on the neck, make a pack by mixing raw milk and raw turmeric paste and apply it to the neck.

Make a pack by mixing sandalwood, Multani soil, raw turmeric paste, and honey, and use 2/3 or more per week. See regular results after one month of regular use.

Some home remedies to remove black spots on hands and feet

The body should be as caring for the hands and feet as it should be for the face. The beauty of the body means every part of the body is not left out. Dark spots on the hands and feet are normal, so they should be taken care of in a special way. 

Everyone works for the person whose hands and feet are beautiful, and so many girls increase the care for their hands and feet a little. 

If you take regular care, your hands and feet will be beautiful, and you will feel good about yourself. 

Those whose hands and feet are a little more black than their faces have to wear them a little more shyly in different places. 

Her beauty can be understood only through the beauty of hands and feet. Girls are a little more active than boys, but boys need to be taken care of more. 

All girls want to enhance the beauty of their bodies a little more beautifully. If you have such problems, then this post will be important for you. 

Your face is very fair, and you look wonderful, but your hands and feet are dark. No matter how many places you have to wear for this dark feeling. 

If you have dark circles on your hands and feet, then this post is for you. Many people in our country use many creams to beautify their hands and feet but have you ever checked how harmful these are for your skin. Some people use home remedies more naturally than external creams. 

If your hands and feet are dark, apply some home remedies. Home remedies will be heavier for you than external creams and will not negatively affect the skin.

1. Make a paste by mixing honey and cucumber juice and apply it regularly on your hands and feet. You can see the beauty of your hands and feet in seven days.

2. You can massage regularly with olive oil to make your hands and feet pale, and your hands and feet will be much softer.

3. Make a paste by mixing lemon juice and cucumber juice, then massage it on your hands and feet.

4. Applying yogurt on the skin makes the skin very beautiful and soft.

5. Apply coconut water or coconut water regularly and rub it on the hands and feet for a while, and the skin will become clear.

6. Cut the lemon into pieces, add sugar to it and rub it where it is more black. Wash it after 10/15 minutes. With regular use, hard black spots will go away on the skin.

7. You can blend the tomato and rub it on the hands and feet. It will leave the skin feeling rough.

8. If your skin is oily, you can feel the effectiveness of applying egg white on the hands and feet day after day.

9. Multani soil and sandalwood are very beneficial for the skin. You can mix the two together and apply them to the skin.

10. Milk is as beneficial for our body as it is for our skin. Raw milk is very beneficial for the skin.

11. Orange peel is very beneficial for the skin. Apply the orange peel on hands and feet and wash off when dry.

12. Potato peel is very beneficial for the skin and softens the skin.

13. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

14. You can apply good brand sunscreen lotion regularly.

Apply these home remedies; hopefully, your hands and feet will go away feeling dark and beautiful and soft.

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