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How to Solve Periods Problem- Best Ways


Irregular Periods Causes and Best Treatment

Periods are mandatory for a girl because it proves how useful she is in childbearing in the future. This is because every month through the period, its inner parts mature. 

There may be some differences in the menstrual cycle that may not be in proper order many times. For example, the period of 12/13 years of a girl in puberty, and the period starts from then. During this time, many things change in the mind of the body. Periods occur on certain dates in each month, which continue for the next 7/8 days. In some women, it is seen that the period is random or is taking a long time. 

It is also seen that 1/2 month goes by after the due date, but it is not Periods. It is normal for a healthy body to have regular menstruation, but it is not good if the time is not right then.Today I will tell you what to do if the period is random and who to consult. Periods every month should always keep an eye on whether they are Periods at a certain time every month. In addition, it should be noted how long after menstruation you are menstruating again or whether it is like time. 

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Those who are married or unmarried should take this issue seriously, but usually, there may be a little problem after marriage. A mother should always keep track of her daughter's menstrual period. A woman's menstrual period may be 3/4 days here and there, but if it is more than that, she should seek the help of an experienced person. 

Suppose your period starts on the 15th of the month, and now, if the 20th has passed and you are not menstruating, then you should take this matter seriously. Nowadays, most girls can't find much time for themselves because they have to be very busy in their daily lives. However, evenn within this busyness, you should spend some time, especially during Menstruation or period. 

Those who have regular menstruation get one egg per month from their ovary. Usually, a girl lays one egg from the ovary at a certain time every month, which causes Menstruation or period. A healthy woman's menstrual cycle lasts from 28 days to 35 days. 

Irregular Periods Reasons

Sudden weight gain and weight loss can lead to irregular periods.

Menstruation can be a bit erratic due to hormonal problems in the body due to taking any medicine. Married women taking birth control pills may not be able to menstruate on time if they are irregular. Pregnant women may have irregular periods or may have menstrual problems due to various diseases. It is normal for a pregnant woman to stop Periods for 8 to 10 months or to have irregular periods.

What to Do When Periods Are Late

There are usually two types of menstruation

# Always have irregular menstrual periods

# Sudden irregularity

People who have irregular periods should check up with a doctor. Hormonal problems are always the reason for irregular menstruation because menstruation is irregular only if there are hormonal problems. Every woman should take it a little seriously because it carries a lot of risks. People who are menstruating at the right time suddenly but suddenly it becomes irregular have nothing to fear. Because it is seen that menstruation can be a little irregular due to changes in the body. 

If menstruation or period suddenly becomes irregular or continues, it is important to consult a doctor.

Caution During Periods

Menstruation is a girl's pride because it reveals how full she is in giving birth. It happens around a certain date of each month for a girl. Regular menstruation is very good for a girl, but it can happen 2/4 days later. Many girls are not Periods for 2/3 months, and it may be due to some problem, so if this is the case, you must contact someone you know. 

A girl goes through a certain period every month when she suffers a lot. For example, duringg Menstruation, a girl goes through a lot of hardships. It lasts for 8/10 days, but in some cases, it gets better in 3/4 days. A girl goes through it every month to make herself fit to have a baby. But the problem is when it doesn't matter.

This time is crucial for all girls, and it is mandatory to follow all the rules. During menstruation, some mistakes can cause a lot of things that are not even within your imagination. A lot of things change inside a girl when it starts from puberty. Some changes can be noticed when a girl suddenly becomes fat or changes occur in the body. 

In many cases, the skin of the body of many girls is torn and thickened and even suddenly becomes long. Menstruation is a common thing in girls. Every girl suffers from it. Menstruation occurs from a certain age up to a certain age. 
In our country, it starts from the age of 14/15 years for girls, and again, it can happen at an older age or at a younger age according to the body condition. 

Why Periods Come

Menstruation is when a girl's genitals bleed at a certain time every month. This period lasts for a few days and is called Menstruation A menstruation cycle starts from 21 days and lasts for 30/35 days, but it can be less or more for somebody's problems. Many girls may take a long time to have periods, but it depends on your menstrual cycle. 

If a girl menstruates during puberty in the first stage, girls are terrified because she does not know about it. Then he has many questions in his mind, or he is scared, but it is better to know about it without being ashamed of it.  A girl should first inform a woman in her family about explaining what needs to be done.

It is important to be careful during menstruation because a small mistake can lead to a big accident. When a girl is Periods, she has to clean the blood clots of her body. However, theree is no need to clean frequently in the present era as different pads are available. 

Once the pad is worn at the beginning of the period, it can be left after 12/10 hours. However, it is often seen that many girls leave tissues there without pads to suck the blood. Have you ever wondered how wrong you are? 
Once the vaginal tract has reached your ovaries, a small accident can happen if a small piece of tissue gets inside you. The ovarian membrane of a girl is skinny and delicate. So dangerr can occur if part of any tissue gets inside. 

So be careful during menstruation or period and rest. Your little mistake can cause your death. So try to wear pads all the time. Never wipe with a tissue or anything else.

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