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Realme GT Neo Smartphone All Amazing Information


Realme GT Neo Midrange Budget Smartphone

The Realme GT Neo Flash was released on June 6. Many people said that this phone is the best phone from Realme. 

Today I will tell you about what the Realme Mid Range King Phone can look like. Many are wondering what it will be like for them to buy this phone. 

I will give you their hot opinion that some of my known users used the phone. Moreover, they used this phone for a few days and shared the good and bad aspects. 

Today I will give you a lot of information about how the Realme GT Neo phone can be mid-range. The phone was launched globally on June 6 last year. 

The phone was priced at 290 euros after its release. Read the whole post to know how it will be for you if you buy this phone at this price. On May 25, Realme announced that they would release a phone with this model. 

Realme GT Neo all Amazing Features

First of all, let's talk about the body of the phone. The Realme GT model phone is very slim and colorful to look at. 

Moreover, this phone is so light that it is shocking. When a phone of this size is released by other companies, it is seen that a phone weighs more than 200 grams. 

The Realme GT model phone weighs 179 grams. The phone is so light and slim that it will feel very premium to take in your hand. Considering the weight and size of the phone is enough.

Realme GT Neo phone is given a Super AMOLED display which is 120Hz. The size of this phone is 6.43 inches or 99.8 cm. 

The phone is quite slim and very large. About 85 percent of the whole phone is the display. I have learned from all the users who have used the phone that the phone's display is excellent. 

The picture quality and video quality of the phone are so smooth that they have been delighted. 

They said after using the phone that the display resolution of the phone is perfect. This is because the phone has 2400 pixels and 409 PPI density. 

In addition, the phone has Realme Android version 11 feature, and Realme has Realme-UI 2.00. 

This is the first time Realme has given Media Tek 1200 5G processor to their phone. The phone has gained a lot of popularity with such a good processor. 

Moreover, the phone has GPU G77. My acquaintances used the phone to report that all the big games work very smoothly on the phone. 

Users did not find any problem of phone hanging or phone slowing down. This phone can use all the big, high-resolution apps, and everything can be used very smoothly. 

In a word, the Realme GT Neo model phone has a superfast processor. 

The Realme model phone will be available in 8GB and 12GB RAM. However, this phone has 256GB ROM, not more than that. 

Realme GT Neo all Camera Info

The Realme GT Neo model has a triple camera on the back with 64 MP, 8 MP, and 2 MP. Unfortunately, I'm baffled about the phone's camera because different users have different opinions. 

Some people have given an excellent opinion about the camera of the phone. However, some users have said that it would have been better if the phone camera had been improved a little more. 

However, considering the price, such a camera is quite suitable. Moreover, the 16-megapixel camera on the front of the mobile was really great. 

Some real users who used the Lover phone said that the phone's front camera is the best. However, this phone has lots of features that other mid-range phones have camera features. 

Didn't see any bad comments among users about the camera of this phone. I even took a few pictures of myself which were really awesome. 

So based on the comments of the users, it can be said that the camera of the phone is good enough. 

Realme GT Neo Battery and Charging Info

Realme GT model phone has an under-display fingerprint. All the interesting features will impress a user a lot. 

The phone has a 4500 mAh battery made with lithium polymer. However, the most interesting thing about the Realme GT model phone is the phone's charging system. 

Superfast charging of 65 watts which is capable of full charge in just twenty-five minutes. I think the phone takes 30 to 35 minutes to fully charge. There are also all the other interesting features that a user will be delighted '. 

Realme GT Neo model phone has come out in the market in four colors. Silver, Aurora, Yellow, Black