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Free Treatments- Blood Cancer and Excess Cholesterol

Free Treatments- Blood Cancer & Excess Cholesterol
Image: Blood Cancer & Excess Cholesterol


Blood Cancer & Excess Cholesterol- Treatments Ways

Blood cancer is known as leukemia in the language of medical science. Blood cancer is cancer of the blood or bone marrow that destroys all the blood in the body. 

Usually,  it can detect no specific symptoms of blood cancer. Although it is very typical for a person to look, he may have blood cancer inside him.

How many healthy people can never easily understand that he is going to get blood cancer? Death is very close to this disease, but it is possible to avoid this disease with good treatment. Unfortunately, many people die of blood cancer every year in our country.

Today we will learn about the treatment of the symptoms of blood cancer.

Symptoms and treatment of blood cancer

Below are the symptoms and treatment of Blood Cancer & Excess Cholesterol.

Blood Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptom of blood cancer is frequent fever.

Excessive sweating at night than during the day.

Feeling very weak and slowly losing interest in food.

Weight loss.

Bleeding gums and even bleeding from the gums when eating something.

Excessive bleeding when the skin of the body is cut somewhere.

Headaches and bone pain all the time.

Infected patients continue to lose weight no matter how many vitamin foods the patient is fed. Day by day, the body loses weight as well as becomes thinner.

Patients with cancer bleed very little. Bleeding for any reason does not stop bleeding.

The main problem with blood cancer is the loss of blood cells. Infection occurs very quickly as a result of the loss of blood cells. Any germs can easily cause skin infections.

Feeling bone pain unnecessarily can be a sign of cancer. If you do not have any problem or do not get paid for any reason but still have pain in your bones, you must see a doctor.

There is no specific cause for blood cancer, but there are many reasons it can occur. For example, natural or synthetic ion radiation is caused by certain harmful chemicals, viruses, or genetic factors.

Treatments for Blood Cancer 

It is never possible to know if a patient has blood cancer without examination. Some tests are needed to detect blood cancer, such as a blood cell test or a CBC test. The treatment of a patient with blood cancer depends entirely on his age and how far the disease has spread.

It is easy to cure the disease at an early stage, but it is not easy. For example, blood cancer is complicated to detect in the early stages because an infected patient does not realize that he has blood cancer. 

There are many treatments for blood cancer, the main ones being chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, etc. If you have this disease, you must see a good cancer specialist and take treatment per his instructions.

Symptoms and treatment of Excess Cholesterol

You became very ill and went to the doctor. The doctor checked up and told you that the amount of cholesterol in your body has increased. Surely then you will be very worried about how to reduce the amount. But, of course, it goes without saying how much damage can be done if the amount of cholesterol increases.

When the number of cholesterol increases, it blocks the blood circulation in your body, and blood cannot flow through the arteries. This can lead to severe damage like stroke.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is very soft, like wax. The amount of cholesterol in the liver increases only when we eat more fatty or oily foods. 

The liver goes through the blood to various blood vessels and then spreads. Slowly the blood vessels obstruct the blood flow and cause very severe damage.

Cholesterol control treatment

More and more vegetables should be eaten to control the cholesterol in the body.

You can eat olive oil or olives.

Eat more fruits and avoid outside foods.

Dairy foods should be reduced, but you can eat lamb. It will lower your blood cholesterol.

Medicinal properties of garlic We all know more or less you can eat garlic regularly.

Foods that contain beta carotene, such as turmeric, mango, jackfruit, yellow peach, pumpkin, sweet potato, nuts, carrots, etc., should be eaten more.

Always try to eat fish as it will reduce bad cholesterol.

Grain foods that contain vitamin B and minerals can be eaten in large quantities.

You can drink green tea. Regular green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.
Honey can be eaten as the opposite of sugar.

The taste of fenugreek leaves can help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Can eat coriander and linseed.

Eat more vitamin-C foods.

You can eat apple cider vinegar. It is very beneficial to reduce fat.

Eat more vegetables and exercise regularly. Avoid oily foods and eat less fatty foods.