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Five Common Issues in WordPress Websites - Free Solution



Throughout the years, WordPress developers have continued to add new features to the platform. While some of the new features were built into the WordPress framework as core files, the majority of the functionality could be added via plugins instead of the core files.

Important issues and solutions for WordPress websites

WordPress is no longer merely a blogging platform or a content management system because plugins have revolutionized the way it works. They gave it greater functionality and made it a powerful tool for building websites, eCommerce portals, streaming platforms, and more.

Because of these new features, WordPress has matured into a sophisticated site creation platform. On the plus side, its blogging engine is still easy to deploy today. Webmasters, however, use the services of web development organizations to maximize their website's potential, especially when they are dealing with serious issues. WordPress website owners experience some common problems, which are listed below.

WordPress Website Theme Problem

Using WordPress themes, individuals and company owners may create a unique web presence that stands out. Other applications, depending on their level of sophistication, support, and upgrade time may require a fee.

 This can be harmful in the long run. Free themes, on the other hand, do not provide bug patches. Using a theme that is out of date or poorly developed can cause problems due to incompatibility with WordPress's future updates.




Solution: Resolving the issue requires professional assistance because it's not an easy task. A reputable web development service is highly recommended to fix the problem. Using a different theme is an option, but its compatibility with existing plugins, widgets, and add-on features can't be assured.

WordPress Website Poor Performance

In its most basic form, the WordPress website is highly responsive. As a result of this, business owners and bloggers incorporate complicated features to make the site more engaging and performance-driven. In general, ready-made plugins, widgets, and child themes help do this.

When website owners see that there are pre-written, packaged features available, they grab them and install them without hesitation. Other plugins, on the other hand, can detract from the appearance and functionality of your website. Many security vulnerabilities emerge from the sluggish loading pages and timeouts.

Solution - If your WP website is experiencing performance troubles, you can disable each plugin individually to narrow down the source, or you can simply get professional assistance.

WordPress Website Security & Privacy

Owners of websites confront many issues, including security. The file system and some of the inherent vulnerabilities in WP make it a perfect target for hackers despite its rock-solid structure and security features.

As a result, it is recommended to use commercial security plugins rather than free versions, which do not have real encryption methods built-in. In addition to monitoring and managing your site's safety, you can also prevent brute-force attacks and prevent core files from being overwritten.

Solution: Contacting a reputable WordPress Development company as soon as your site is compromised is essential to protect your business's reputation. This is a complex task that should be left to professionals.

Data Protection: WordPress Website Backup & Restore

Unfortunately, most small business owners simply create a WordPress website and then forget about it, which is a huge waste of time and money. Negligence of this nature is a surefire way to get into trouble.
WP sites cannot be operated in automatic mode. Updates, upgrades, and regular backups are required. There isn't an automated solution for this in WP.


As an alternative, if you have the time and resources, you can do it manually. Both cases require your attention. Your latest backup can help you swiftly restore your website should there be a breach or compromise.

Solution: Manually backing up your database and WordPress files is possible with the appropriate tools. PHP My Admin is used to access the database, which is placed in the root directory of your hosting server. Then you're good to go.

WordPress Website Screen of Death (White)

During the deployment stage, a white screen of death can be easily fixed. To isolate the problem, you can disable the plugins one by one, one at a time. There are exceptions though, such as when a site has been in operation for several years before experiencing an unscheduled outage (WSOD).

Updates to plugins or parent themes, especially those tied to child themes, might cause WSOD issues. Question: Have you changed any of these in the last few years? Yes! You may then turn the feature off and reload your website. This way of debugging may fail at times.

Websites built with WordPress often have design and functionality concerns for the following reasons:

First, upgrades, whether it be a theme, plugin, or widget.
Brute force entrance or core files that have been rewritten are examples of this.
Consequently, it is recommended that you monitor the health of your website after each plugin/widget update. It's easy to fix a problem by disabling or restoring it to its original condition.

Using WordPress, you may create a variety of websites and web portals. It's straightforward to set up and maintain in its simplest form. Customizing the same, on the other hand, requires skilled assistance. WordPress development & maintenance services are provided by a web development business that is well-versed in the field.