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Weight Gain Foods Free- New


How to Do Weight Gain Fast

Weight Gain Fast has many methods. Everyone wants to lose weight to keep their body fit, and many people want to get fat again. Those who are underweight and thin wish to make their bodies fat. There are different foods, exercises and many rules for gaining weight. 

You can gain weight if you want some food and some exercise. Mass Gainer is a magical food for getting fat, but it costs a lot. There are many medicines available to increase body fat or to get fat. Weight gain using drugs can have serious side effects that can damage the kidneys. An excellent way to gain weight is to take food after a while, then you can get fat quickly. Many people are worried about gaining weight fast. Slim body everyone wants to gain weight or be healthy. 

The obese body can be thinned very quickly, but you must do some essential work to gain a thin body. Many underweight people have a dream to increase their bodyweight like bodybuilders.The first step in gaining weight is to burn calories and eat a lot. Unfortunately, many people can overeat, and many cannot overfill because suddenly overeating can cause digestive problems. 

It takes a lot of eating and some hard work to meet the need for more calories. Many people can't eat much because they have less hunger, making it very difficult for them to gain weight.

Easy Ways to Do Weight Gain Fast

People with low appetites need to be fat to gain Mass Gainer, but it is only possible for rich people. However, not everyone can eat it as the price of the fat Mass Gainer is very high, and there is another problem with a Mass Gainer.




Eating Mass Gainer never increases muscle Mass Gainer but instead increases excess fat. In this case, eating Mass Gainer is a fool because if you want to be fat healthy, you need to increase the body's muscles.If you want, you can make weight gain Mass Gainer at home. There are some Mass Gainer that makes you gain weight while playing, but they become difficult to find in the market. 

You can gain 8 to 10 kg weight in a month. In addition, Mass Gainer has 1000 calories which will help in weight gain. It takes 2500 calories a day to gain weight very quickly, and if you can drink 2 glasses a day, you will get 2000 calories. The remaining 500 calories You will get 500 calories from the food you eat in a day.

Weight Gain Fast Through Mass Gainer Food

Weight Gain Fast is a good food Mass Gainer. What will be needed to make Mass Gainer


Peanut butter



Cashew nuts


Let's find out first what vitamins are in the ingredients to make mass gainers.

Oats: Oats: Oats are a rich source of vitamins that helps in filling the deficiency of all the vitamins required by the body. Oats are rich in fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, phosphorus, and many more vitamins. Oats contain zinc which enhances the humanity of the body. You can quickly get it in the market or super shop. You can also buy online if you want. Oats have complex curves that help increase body weight.

Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter is delicious food that contains a lot of nutrients. Peanut butter has many nutrients, including vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, protein, and zinc. Peanut butter is very effective in increasing body weight. Moreover, peanut butter can be eaten by everyone, especially heart patients. Therefore, we will use peanut butter to make our Mass Gainer.

Banana: Banana is a delicious fruit that everyone loves. Banana is found in all countries of the world, so it is a ubiquitous fruit. Bananas contain fiber, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, etc. As a result, bananas increase body weight very fast and keep the body healthy very well. Bananas increase instant energy in the body and keep the body strong.

Honey: Honey is a juicy and dense sweet food. Honey has thousands of nutritional value, which eliminates all the problems of the body. In addition, honey is a hot food that instantly refreshes the body and raises the body temperature a lot. There is a solution to thousands of diseases inside honey, so honey must be needed to make a mass gainer.

Cashew nuts: Eating nuts increases people's memory and body weight. Cashew nuts are rich in protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc. Cashew nuts are a very well-known name in all countries of the world. Moreover, it keeps the amount of high blood pressure or cholesterol in the body every day. In a word, almonds are a natural tablet.

Raisins: After drying the grapes, raisins are made by accumulating protein inside them. Raisins contain a lot of protein which increases the instant energy of the body. Raisins are found in all countries of the world, and it is effective in making various medicines. For example, giving raisins to cause weight gain mass gainer helps a lot gain weight.

The Process of Making the Mass Gainer

Mix it all in a blender, and you can add some more protein if you want. By mixing these, you can eat them for breakfast in the morning, and if you are underweight, you can also eat them at night.