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How to Create Payoneer Account Free


Image: Create Payoneer Account

Create a New Verified Payoneer Account Free

Today we will look at several vital ideas on how to create a Payoneer account. Payoneer is one of the world's leading online payment service systems. Its demand and popularity are increasing day by day. 

Moreover, it is possible to make transactions from any part of the world through a Payoneer account. It is straightforward to make transactions from any site through a Payoneer account. 

Moreover, the money deposited in Payoneer can be transferred to any bank account in the world. Payoneer accounts are linked with many banks around the world. Payoneer is currently one of the most popular online trading platforms. 

Moreover, Payoneer is included in the online payment service method of all popular sites. Furthermore, it is elementary for people of any country to withdraw money from Payoneer. 

I will tell you how to create a Payoneer account and how to submit all the documents.

Create Payoneer Account with Bank Account

First, go to Payoneer's website and click on signup. Clicking Sign Up will bring up a new page. Select the type of account you want to open first. For example, if you're going to open a personal account, click on Individual. 

Moreover, if you want to open a company name, select the company. You will still receive a short form. Fill out the form you will still receive a short form. Fill out the form. 

Be sure to fill in the information according to your NID card or bank account. You must fill in your name, date of birth, and email ID correctly. Once the information is filled in, click on the next option.

You will find a form on the next page and fill it out well. Fill in all your addresses here according to your NID card or bank account address. Do not enter addresses that do not match your NID card or bank account. 

Give the address given in your NID card, then it will be convenient to verify the account. Then enter your phone number. After giving your phone number, the phone number will be a code. 

Verify that code by putting it down. In addition, a call may come to your phone and will inform your verification code by calling. Then go to the next page by clicking on the next option. 

Then on the page, you enter a strong password and select a question and give the answer. Below that, there is an option called ID Details. First, select your ID type from ID Details. Next, pick your ID type from ID Details. 

If you have any one of these three, select it. Then enter your ID number and fill in the captcha below. Then select the country on the page and select the currency in which you want to keep the money. 

Then in the option, select a bank account in your country where you have a bank account. Then enter the branch name of the branch to which you have opened the account. 

In the next option, the bank account holder gives the name and the bank account number. Then click on submit will go to the account verification process. 

After a while, a message will come to your email. First, verify your email with it. Then you log in to your account again. After logging in, you will be asked to update some information. You can see two questions here. Select the questions. 

Payoneer Verification Documents

Give two answers to both questions. Be sure to save the answers in a notepad, which can be helpful for later verification. Answering the questions will take you directly to your account dashboard. 

You can see two options in the Account Dashboard Provide Business Details and Account Verification. If your account is personal, click Account Verification.  Then verify the store with your National ID Card or Passport ID. 

If you have a National ID Card, select the National ID Card and take two pictures on either side of the National ID Card—upload photos on both sides of your National ID card from the photo upload option. Finally, click on submit. 

Account verification can take five to ten days to be successful. If you have given all the information correctly, then wait. Following all these rules will allow you to Create Payoneer Account.