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Make Hands and Feet Beautiful and Attractive


Ways to make hands and feet attractive

We take care of other parts of the body, but neglect foot cares a lot. Beauty practice ends ultimately when there is no foot care with the whole body. 

Many people think everything is beautiful, but they neglect to take care of the feet when you look at the feet. Some people have to cover their feet in shame when they go out in public. 

Many people try different ways to get black elbow solutions. Especially after a little rough as a result of carelessness during the winter.

A person's hands and feet can wear black spots for various reasons. For example, the elbows of the hands are folded most of the time, so it is a bit black. The knees of the feet are also folded all the time, so it is more black. How many times do we move our hands every day, and how many times does the skin of our elbows get pulled.

This causes the elbows and knees to turn black. Since these are more likely to be black, you should be a little more careful. With proper care, it is possible to lighten the scars on your hands and feet. With regular maintenance and some consideration, the black spots on your elbows and knees will be removed, and you will feel brighter. 

You are lovely, but your elbow, was, and knees are dark, and it will make you feel ashamed. This is because the knees and elbows are folded all the time, so a lot of dirt accumulates, and there are no oil glands, so it becomes dry and itchy. Slowly the skin on the skin of the elbows and knees dies, so it stays itchy.

The legs are the central organ of human walking and give a beautiful safe to the body. Therefore, the portions are significant for enhancing the beauty of a person. Beautiful legs are essential for a beautiful body, and because of this, the beauty of the body is enhanced a lot. So if you have a beautiful body and beautiful legs, all in all, it looks wonderful. 

If you notice that the legs of different celebrities or popular girls are lovely, what is the reason for this?

They take care of their feet regularly, so they are entitled to beautiful feet. If you take care and care for your feet, you can get beautiful feet in a few days. 

The first thing to do to make your feet beautiful is to take care of your toenails. If you want to make your feet attractive, you have to give importance to your toenails first. Many of us have a dark feeling in the elbows and knees. Unfortunately, many people have this problem, and many people are looking for many ways to reduce this dark feeling.  

Today I will tell you some of the methods that can be applied to remove the darkening of your knees and elbows very easily. After that, your elbows and knees will be as pale as your face. 

Easy Tips to Make Hands and Feet Beautiful.

Apply moisturizer regularly on the skin of the face and the skin of the feet so that the skin of the feet will remain soft and soft. Many people have thick skin on their feet, which causes them to rupture.

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For the thick skin of the feet, burn an onion and grind it well. Then, apply it to the cracked part of the foot regularly. In 1 month, your cracked leg will be cured. While sleeping at night, soak your feet in hot water mixed with cornflower for 10/15 minutes. Then wipe the feet and apply a good brand of cream.

It is better not to make the toenails too big as they can accumulate more dirt. Instead, regularly clean the ground inside the toenails and keep filing. Please do not soak the feet in water for a long time as it can cause swelling of the toenails and fungal attacks.

It is better not to use nail polish. If you use it more, the whiteness of the feet may go away. It is better to use less nail polish as it will not make the toenails feel yellow. Mix light vinegar with sour curd and rub on the skin of the feet for a while, then wash off. This will reduce the darkening of the skin.

Soak your feet at least 3/4 times a week by mixing salt and shampoo in lukewarm water. This will remove dirt from the feet and remove harmful bacteria. Do not use any harmful chemicals for hair removal, and use a good cream after hair removal.

To remove black spots on the feet, cut a lemon and rub the black spots on the lemon with sugar. Wash off after 5/10 minutes. It will remove the hard black spots on the feet. Stop wearing heel shoes as they can damage the feet, including the ankle bones. Instead, always wear thin foam shoes and don't wear stiff shoes. If there is any infection on the skin of the feet or nails, take any good action quickly without neglect.

Wearing Sue or Converse can cause damage to the feet because Sue sweats inside the shoe, which causes harmful bacteria to attack.You can clean the dirt of the feet with a soft brush while taking a bath.

Take lemon juice, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and salt. Make a paste by mixing all of them together like quantity, then save on any foot. Take a little mixture every day, apply it to your elbows and knees, and massage for five minutes. If you use this mixture regularly for one month, your knees and elbows will become beautiful and fair.

Cut a lemon into pieces and put sugar on it, and keep rubbing it on the elbows and knees for a while. I hope the dark feeling will go away very soon.

Yogurt helps keep the skin soft by removing a lot of dirt from the skin and eliminating roughness. Make a paste with yogurt, vinegar, a little lemon on one foot, use regularly, and wash off with a light massage for 20 minutes. I hope the dark feeling will go away, and the surface will go away.

Baking soda is beneficial for removing dead skin or dirt. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda and milk, rub on your elbows and knees for 2/3 minutes and then wash off. Your skin will be soft, and dirt will be removed.

Make a paste by mixing milk, honey, and turmeric, and apply. Turmeric has antiseptic properties and acts as a milk cleanser, so your elbows and knees will go dark. Apply this mixture, wait for 20 minutes and then wash off.

Mix sugar and olive oil and rub on the skin and wash off after 5 minutes. Using it will reduce skin moisture. Then, you can use sunscreen lotion or good brand cream.

Can use a brush to remove dead skin on knees and elbows. When bathing, when the skin is soft in water, you can rub it with a brush.

The use of sandalwood is an excellent way to remove hard black spots. If you use sandalwood regularly, the black feeling will go away very quickly.

You can always apply a good brand of lotion or use herbal products. Take extra care of your elbows and knees as your body. Then the skin will become soft and fair very soon.