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Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil and Neem


Castor Oil Amazing Benefits

Use castor oil and onion juice to get long thick beautiful hair. You can notice the results yourself.

Mix very well with onion juice and some amount of castor oil in a bowl. Apply the mixed oil well on the scalp. Gently apply on the scalp and massage lightly. After keeping it on the head for 2/3 hours, wash your head and shampoo if necessary.

Wearing hair will eliminate the problem as well as cool the head and make the hair structure beautiful. This mixed-use will increase blood flow in the veins of the head veins.

Neem Amazing Benefits 

Neem leaves act as a medicine to cure injuries. Neem has been used since ancient times and has been used in various medicines. Neem works very well on cuts and neem works quickly to dry the wound. Neem has many ingredients that help in different diseases.

Neem leaf juice works well for oily skin and removes many pimples on the skin. If you have a problem with facial bruises, apply neem leaves on the face and it will remove all the problems of the face. Moreover, there is no jury of neem leaves to make the skin beautiful Neem leaves are medicine for all diseases and a great natural ingredient in the skin.

Store the neem leaves in a dry ball like a round ball. Playing it every day removes all stomach problems and all gastric problems. If you take 4/5 pills every day, you will see that the problem of gastric is going away.

Neem leaf juice tightens hair roots and thickens hair. To fix the structure of the hair, apply the juice of neem leaves on the scalp, it will be of great benefit to the scalp.