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Ways to Get Best Cheap health Insurance Plans in USA


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Several schemes and plans have been proposed by the United States government to help American citizens enjoy their health insurance benefits to the fullest extent possible There is a program called "Obamacare" in the United States that provides health insurance coverage for both high income and low income Americans. An Avalere Health report reveals that the price for one of Obamacare's plans, called the silver plan, will go up by about 34% in 2018.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Family

When looking for low-cost health insurance plans, one should be well-versed on health insurance policies. Shelby George, Manning & Napier's Senior Vice President of Advisor Services, encourages customers to constantly look at how much coverage is supplied for the costs a firm provides.

To put it another way, instead of getting carried away by the low prices, one should consider how much coverage the insurance firms provide for the low rates they advertise. The silver plan's monthly costs are a little pricey, despite its good coverage. For individuals who cannot afford such high premiums, a subsidy plan and other coverage are available.

When looking for best cheap health insurance, it's important to understand the different policies available and whether or not one can get insurance for "free."

Subsidies and Other Best Health Insurance Plans

One of the many useful plans proposed by the government is that of'subsidies.' The government pays insurance companies a subsidy to provide health insurance for those with low incomes. 

Low-income individuals can now take advantage of health insurance benefits that would otherwise be denied by insurance companies on any other short-term policy claim, thanks to the use of subsidies.



Subsidies are available to individuals who earn less than $48,000 and to families of four who earn less than $98,000. Subsidies allow people with low incomes to have access to affordable health insurance. The Trump administration, on the other hand, is more likely to alter or eliminate these Obamacare subsidy schemes.

For example, a silver plan will cover up to 70% of a person's health care costs, while a bronze plan will cover up to 60% of the costs. The person will be responsible for paying for the remaining costs. By contrast, if you want to spend no money at all, a bronze plan with a subsidy is the way to go. 60 percent of the cost of the bronze plan is covered by subsidies, while the remaining 40 percent is covered by self-pay.

Any type of policy can be chosen for health insurance

The first step in finding the best cheap health insurance is to determine which policy best suits one's needs. Listed below are two options, each briefly explained, so that you can make an informed decision.

For those who do not qualify to receive subsidies, a short-term policy is available. To put it another way, people who are unable to afford health insurance are encouraged to choose this policy. Costs that exceed 8 percent of a person or a family's annual income are considered unaffordable.

 National Purpura, Vice President of Consumer Affairs at, recommends short-term policies for individuals and families with incomes ranging from $49,000 to $69,000.

The short-term policy is therefore highly recommended for those who find it difficult to pay expensive premiums and obtain health insurance. However, if you don't want health insurance, there are no penalties. Positively, it's good for the individuals themselves if they're protected financially in the event of adversity.

Short-term Policy for Health Insurance

In most cases, these policies last up to three months, but they can be extended up to nine months (in 3-month period renewal).

Everyone will be required to have a short-term insurance policy under the new rules proposed by President Trump.

 There is still a long way to go before this rule becomes law.

In other words, these policies do not cover pre-existing illnesses.

If one wishes to include such pre-existing conditions in the coverage plan, the premiums will skyrocket.

For example, short-term coverage does not cover charges for maternal care, abuse-related injury, or mental health treatment.

It costs about $100 per month to purchase a short-term insurance policy that will provide decent health care.

Although this policy has limited coverage options, those who are looking for cheap individual or family health insurance can still benefit from it.

Combined policy adjustment

Traditional policies, or plans with higher premiums, will cover all of the expensive hospital bills in the event of a risky illness or accident, but they will be more expensive than the alternatives. As opposed to the latter, a short-term plan will only cover the usual doctor's visit expenses. 

Most insurance companies now offer combo packages for those who wish to take advantage of both policies, i.e. to cover risky illnesses as well as more routine illnesses (like a coughing fit or fever).

To get coverage in both cases, people used to apply for both policies at the same time in the recent past. When calculating different percentages and amounts became difficult for the insurance companies to calculate; combo policies were created to allow people to get both benefits in one policy. However, as obvious as it may seem, purchasing these policies will result in higher premiums than usual.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

This means that you should be wary of low-cost insurance providers who only advertise low-cost coverage. Instead, look at the quality of coverage they provide for the low cost insurance rates. 

Health insurance shopping requires the same amount of research and study as any other type of insurance policy. Since this is a health issue, it's not a good idea to focus solely on money. The cost of quality service is always a consideration, so it is prudent to look for policies that offer affordable and high-quality health insurance plans.