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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Review || Best Cheap Smartwatch || New Flexible Watch


Samsung's Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic marked a major shift in the company's wearable direction this year. While Samsung's Tizen watches have been one of Apple's biggest competitors, they've consistently ranked third behind Xiaomi's wearable devices.

 Wearables powered by Tizen have become increasingly popular, and the Galaxy Watch is known for its elegance and rich capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Full Reviews 

Samsung's decision to divert from its own Tizen OS in favor of Google's fledgling Wear OS was a huge gamble. They got access to Wear OS's app store, which is better than Tizen's.

Wear OS Powered by Samsung puts Samsung in an exclusive position among Wear OS makers. Unusual interface and Samsung's suite of apps - Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, and Bixby — make it a great companion to the new Galaxy watches.

Those are good starting points if you're in the market for a smartwatch and own one of the billion active Galaxy phones out there. But there's more to Samsung's new Galaxy Watch that makes it the best watch for Android users in terms of features.



 In addition to measuring body composition and electrocardiograms, Samsung's new BioActive Sensor can also take blood pressure and electrocardiogram readings. Sleep tracking has also improved.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features Reviews 

For the Galaxy Watch family, Wear OS has also opened up a few new possibilities that Tizen was unable to do so far. Access to Google's native suite of apps such as Maps and YouTube Music is included. You can also pay contactless with Google Pay by tapping your watch.

New and improved Exynos W920 chipset powers the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. This chip ensures faster performance and better efficiency. An older 10nm Exynos 9110 has been replaced by a 5nm Exynos 9110.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Buttery Reviews 

Using the 42mm Classic with the screen on all the time and sleep tracking overnight, it lasts for just under 25 hours. As a result, the Watch 3's battery lasts only 36 hours on average, compared to the Watch 3's 36 hours. The batteries in the larger Watch 4 sizes are larger and may last for a longer time.

Batteries that have been set to "watch only" will last up to nine days with a power-saving mode. Using the included magnetic puck and a standard 2.4A USB power adaptor, it takes 82 minutes to fully charge, and it reaches 70 percent in 50 minutes. There is no power adapter included.

When you purchase a Galaxy Watch4, you will receive the watch itself, a wireless charging puck, and a USB-A port. As for the Galaxy Watch4 series, you have a wide selection to choose between - including silicone straps for €39.90, as well as leather bands for €49.90, all available in a variety of colors.