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Best Ways to Make Married Life Happier


 Love is in everyone's mind. The relationship of school life is the success of very few children. In a word, the love of school life is an emotion that starts from a good feeling in the mind. Relationships begin with a good sense that doesn't last long because there are so many obstacles. 

How to make Married Life Happy

Although the relationship of school life is remembered by everyone because the relationship is a little sweet then. Anger and pride work a little too much, and the pain is a little too much then. he relationship of school life goes to the marriage of those who forget everything and marry the man of love with the courage of the mind. 

The main reason is that 95% of the relationships are left out after reality. In reality, many relationships mean bones because a boy is not old enough to get married and start a family. In our country, a boy gets married at the age of 30. 

When a boy finishes his studies, he needs a job because it is impossible to get married without a job at the present age.

Every girl's family wants to hand over her daughter to a good employee. In that case, it takes a lot of time for a boy to finish his studies, get a job and prepare himself for marriage. On the other hand, a girl in our country, especially a village girl who gets married within 18 to 21 years. It is calculated that a 26-30-year-old boy marries a 16/17-year-old girl. 

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We don't care about how logical or happy this marriage. This is because half the marital relationship is not good. 

After all, there are many age differences between them. It takes a while for a girl to reach maturity, which can lead to many problems. 

If a boy gets married at the age of 30, he can give his wife marital happiness for up to 40 years. Comparing the age of the girls, it is seen that a girl then needs a lot of caress and love, which many husbands fail to give.

So in the case of marriage, it is better if the age difference between the two is a little less so that the two can understand each other better.

In our country, the price of a boy's or a girl's choice is not very high. A girl can have her own choice of what kind of boy she likes or what kind of boy she wants. He is deprived of all these desires or preferences despite having girls. See. 

Thinking about the happiness of their parents, they go to have a family with an unknown boy. This is the reality of our country. A girl should be given the respect of her choice to find the man of her will.

There is a widespread problem in different countries which is relationship marriage. If a boy and a girl have a relationship, their family is reluctant to accept it. It can be seen that no matter how good a girl's boyfriend is, her family is unwilling to get her. 

Even after a girl's family agrees to marry a worse boy than that boy, they never think about how good the girl is. This is threatening many families later.

Parents of every boy and girl should talk to them and marry them regardless of their will or reluctance. If the will and unwillingness of a son and daughter are respected, or they are given total freedom, then many families will be better off. 

Another major cause of the marital breakdown, Married Life

Today I will talk about a problem that almost all men have. Weak or powerless men face this problem. Many times it is seen that the family breaks up due to this problem. 

In the present context, all married young boys suffer more from this problem. Find out why a man has a secret problem or what to do to solve it. Everyone has more or fewer problems with the private organ. Usually, everyone has this problem. Most married men get into trouble because of this problem. A person who wastes a lot of money on this problem does not get a good solution. 

Have you ever wondered if some foods around you will really increase your energy? Our energy comes mainly from the food we eat every day.  

Men's incapacity is the main reason for breaking up the family. Many husbands cannot give happiness to their wives, so many relationships break up. So men should overcome these problems to have a happy marriage.

Wife's problem, Married Life

Every woman loses one body of energy as her body hormones decrease with age. In the current context, the families of many young girls are not happy, or the family is ruined. 

It is seen that a girl cannot make her husmhhappy as expected, which is causing sorrow in the family. Some of the bad habits are losing your energy day by day so try to follow them today.

Excessive pain on the way to menstruation

Many women have extra pain in the menstrual cycle at different times, making them a little scared. As a result of constant pain or suffering, she wants to stay away from intercourse, and her reluctance gradually subsides. However, one reason for the extra pain or suffering is an infection, so you should see a doctor. 

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Wife's busyness, Married Life

A wife is not happy when her husband's needs are low. There are some shortcomings when not in demand, which creates a love distance between the wife and her husband at some point. It is seen that the husband cannot give love and affection to his wife, and as a result, the wife is emotionally broken. 

Many women spend their days in a hectic time all the time. Working women don't get as much time as they do. It is seen that they have to spend time on household chores. Always busy and tired, she forgets about her husband's love. Moreover, love can be reduced if there is a mental illness or an internal problem—lack of love or happiness towards the partner. Different types of tension or mental weakness can cause problems. Many women are always worried, and I will tell them to always try to be happy.

Hormone depletion

Hormonal deficiencies can be caused by a hereditary problem. Will power can also be lost due to various diseases. This problem may be due to irregular menstruation or excessive discharge. The biggest thing is panic and fear. 

There are some changes in the body during pregnancy or after having a child, leading to some changes in the relationship between husband and wife. 

Moreover, it is seen that after becoming a child, the body becomes fat and thin, and this can also change the husband's love for his wife. Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding can also cause problems when there are some hormonal changes in the body.

Birth control pill

Taking too much of the pregnancy pill lowers some of the body's hormones, leading to feelings of love. Excessive use of the medicine can cause many changes in the body.

Being overweight compared to age

Being obese over age can change many things in the body. Husband's reluctance towards his wife can come primarily due to being overweight or obese. Being able to love according to the husband's needs or getting a little tired due to weight is the main reason for being emotionally broken.