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Blanter Tokoshop E-commerce Blogger Template | Best Premium Blogger Theme


Blanter Tokoshop E-commerce Premium blogger template free download. Best E-commerce blogger theme for blogger. SEO Optimization e-commerce blogger theme. Best blogger theme for Shop site. Website development free premium template. 

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Blanter Tokoshop- E-commerce Blogger Template 

Tokoshop is a Blogger Online Shop template with Instant Checkout going directly to Whatsapp and E-mail. Invest in a colorful and eye-catching design for your online buying and selling site.

Blanter Tokoshop's mainstay features include Instant Checkout and Product Wishlist. Products that are of interest to potential buyers can be saved and will remain in the browser without fear of disappearance.

Blanter Tokoshop E-commerce Easy Design Theme 

As a result, Blanter Tokoshop Blogger Template offers many more features than other paid blogger templates, such as Products Slider and Cart Button.

Talking about the Blanter Tokoshop theme's fonts and icons is next. YES, you read that correctly: Google Fonts. Blanter Tokoshop makes use of SVG, Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Object, etc. as well as other types of icons. This template, however, relies heavily on SVG and Font Awesome icons.

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Blanter Tokoshop E-commerce Template Features 

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

The Whatsapp Checkout app (for mobile and desktop).

A slide show of images on the homepage and products

Email Checkout (Mobile/PC) with Gmail

Status of a product (Bestsellers, Promos, Out of Stock)

Disqus Commentary Documentation and Tutorial (Full)

A wishlist that stores locally

Updates on technical support

Category Notification Navigation Menu

Speedy loading and SEO-friendly

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Validator for Google Testing

There are two tabs for the product description and sharing.

Blanter Tokoshop E-commerce Blogger Template Free Download. Best E-commerce blogger theme. 

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