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How to prepare before going on a travel - Best Tips


Prepare Before Going on a Travel

Plan your trip knowingly

Many are seen planning their travels in a hurry. Make a conscious plan with time in hand. Going to hurry makes a lot of wrong plans. It is not advisable to travel during rains or heavy rains.

Make a list of essentials for travel

You can make the necessary list for your trip at least 10 days before the trip. This will make your job a lot easier. Arrange in advance what you will take with the trip, such as winter clothes or summer clothes according to the time. 

In addition, you can arrange other accessories that you may need for your trip. In this work, you can take the help of various travel-related videos.

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Learn some local languages

This poison is not needed for traveling within one's own country. If you go to hilly areas or areas of different tribes, it is better to know their local languages. 

If you travel outside the country, you can learn some of the languages ​​of that place. If you know the local language, you will be able to say the short words needed to talk to them, then you will have many benefits. 

In addition, if you travel abroad, you can continue to do a lot of common things such as: Hi, Hello, Please, Thank you, I’m sorry, how much price.

Be sure to take the charger battery or power bank

When traveling, we all like to save our travel moments in the form of pictures or videos. So be sure to take 1 or 2 extra batteries with you for your camera when traveling. 

It is often seen that the phone runs out of charge, so the power bank becomes useful. So be sure to take these things with you when traveling.

When traveling, check everything before leaving the house

Check everything for a while; you are on the trip. Maybe you forgot something necessary. Never be in a hurry, you can forget a lot of useful things. 

Check your wallet to see if you have taken the money properly. It is better to keep all the money in 2/3 places instead of keeping it in one place.

Keep photocopies of important documents with you

We may need a lot of important paperwork while traveling, such as passport, visa, NID, etc. Keep a photocopy of these as they may be found in different places. 

Many times on the way to travel, there are various check-posts in the tourist area. So, keep a photocopy of your important documents with you.

Arrange the backpack well

Pack your backpack well before traveling. Arrange your backpacks according to a list of things you need on the trip. 

Arrange the backpack in your hand for 1 day so that it will remember what you forgot to take in the wrong order. Electronics, medicine, toothbrushes, clothes, and yours

You can keep extra shoes in the backpack. Arrange your belongings according to where you are going to travel. Like if you go to the ‍sea beach, but you have to take a swimsuit with you.

You can know the fare in advance for public transport

Many times we have to use public transport to travel from one place to another. In many tourist areas, the car owner may demand a little more rent, so it may be to your advantage if you know the rent. 

In many tourist areas, the car owner may demand a little more rent, so it may be to your advantage if you know the car rental. 

Many tourist area car drivers think that those who come to visit do not know about car rental, so they can demand a higher fare.

Remember the hotel address and the phone number of the hotel

Many people forget the name of the hotel while traveling. It turned out that you went too far but lost your way when you arrived. 

If you do not know the name and address, then you can get into trouble. So the hotel's address and mobile number should be written down.

Ask the locals if there is any need and be careful

When you travel somewhere, take the help of the people of that place and find out where there are beautiful places. Your journey will be much easier if you know these. 

No matter where you go on the trip, keep your safety in mind. Especially if you go to a mountainous place, it is important to be careful because forgetting a little can ruin your trip.