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How to Take a Screenshot- Best Tricks.


How to Take a Screenshot Free

The word Screenshot is very familiar to everyone. A screenshot is to save any necessary picture or display. The Screenshot feature has further enhanced modern technology. A few days ago, this feature was not associated with any device, but it is a straightforward matter at present. 

Some of the displays can be saved using Screenshots for a few moments while working on a device. With the Screenshot feature, you can convert any image on your device. Likewise, images can be created with Screenshots on any part of a device's display.

The rules for screenshots vary from device to device. The Screenshot feature has a lot of hides, so those who know can understand its effectiveness. Many people search for Screenshot rules in different search engines.

How to Screenshot on MAC

The Apple brand is one of the few in the world whose function is slightly different from everyone else's. 

The functions of all MAC devices are entirely different from those of other branded devices. There are several ways to give a Screenshot on a MAC computer.

Screenshots can be taken on a MAC computer using two methods.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcut 

2. Use the Screenshot toolbar 

Let's see how to work with two methods.

Use Keyboard Shortcut

1. If you want to take a full display Screenshot of a device, first press from your computer keyboard

Sift + Command + 3

As soon as you press, your direct Screenshot will be taken.

2. Many times, there is no need to take a full display Screenshot. It is seen that some part of a device needs to be Screenshot. If you want to take a Screenshot by cropping any part of a device, press from your computer's keyboard option

Sift + Command + 4 

When you press this shortcut, you will see a plus sign on the display of your device. Thus, you can take as many screenshots as you want by holding down the right mouse button on your computer. Moreover, you can easily take a Screenshot by cropping with the plus sign.

3. Press to take a Screenshot of any part in front of your computer without the background

Sift + Command + 4 + Space 

You can easily take a Screenshot in front of you by pressing shortcuts.

Use Screenshot toolbar 

Each computer has a separate toolbar for taking  Screenshots. You can find it from the search options of your device or from the settings. Press if you can't find the toolbar

Sift + Command + 5

When you click on this shortcut, you will see that the Screenshot toolbar has moved to your device's display. Now you can take  Screenshots of all sizes from the taskbar.

How to Screenshot on Windows

Microsoft is the top number one software company in the world, so their functionality is effortless. In addition, their technology is spread all over the world. For example, even though it is elementary to take a Screenshot on a Windows device, many people do not know it.

1. If you want to edit it with a full display Screenshot of your device, press directly- ( Part Sc SysRq )

You can take your screenshot as soon as you press the button. Once the button is pressed, search the device by entering the Paint tool from the search option.

Open and paste the Paint software on a Windows device, then you can edit if you want. For example, you can edit if you're going to crop or edit. You can then save the image from there in any format you like.

2. The second method is straightforward in that you can take a direct  Screenshot of any page or whole part of the display. 

First press from the keyboard option of your device- ( Windows + Part Sc SysRq )

Your Screenshot will be taken as soon as you press the two buttons. Now enter the search option of your device to find the image - Pictures.

Or there is a folder called View Pictures in the internal memory of your device. Look inside the folder. There is a folder called Screenshot, where you will find the image of your Screenshot.

3. If you want to take a Screenshot of some part of your device's display, search from the search options- ( Snipping Tool )

With Snipping Tool, you can crop any part and take the screen. Clicking the Snipping Tool will bring up an option on the device's display. From there, click New Options. 

Now hold the + sign in the upper right-hand corner of the part where you want to take the Screenshot. Now right-click the mouse and crop as many screens as you wish.

How to Screenshot On Android 

Screenshots can be taken quickly on Android devices. The rules for taking screenshots are the same on almost all Android phones. However, some phones have simpler technology that makes it easier to take Screenshots.

That is the most common method. If you want to take a screenshot of the display of your Android device, press- ( Power Button  + Volume - Button/ Volume Down Button  )

Only then will the display of your device take a Screenshot.

How to Screenshot On Apple iPhone

Press to take a Screenshot on an iPhone device- ( Power Button + Volume Up Button

Many volume-up buttons do not work. If you want to take a Screenshot, you have to make some settings, then you can easily take a Screenshot. Find the Accessibility option from your device's settings. 

In the Accessibility option, you will get the opportunity to make Screenshot settings. Then you can easily take a Screenshot by touching your display.

How to Screenshot On Xiaomi 

You can also easily take Screenshots on the Xiaomi phone. If you want to take a Screenshot by clicking the button, press- ( Power Button + Volume Down Button  )

There is also a more straightforward method that allows you to take a Screenshot without clicking a button. If you can make the settings, you can take a screenshot by holding down the minimize button on your device.

If you want to turn on this method, you have to go to the settings option. Then, from your phone's settings, go to Additional Settings or Accessibility Settings. You can easily customize the phone settings from the Gestures shortcut option. 

The option to take a Screenshot can be customized on the device's minimized buttons, home button, back button, power button.

How to Screenshot On Samsung 

There are several ways to take a Screenshot on a Samsung phone.

To take a Screenshot on phones that have a home button, press- ( Power Button + Power Down Button + Home Button  )

If you want to take a Screenshot on phones that do not have a home button, press- ( Power Button + Volume Down Button )

Moreover, you can customize it from the phone settings. Phones that do not have the feature of taking screenshots can easily take screenshots by installing the app.