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Homemade Best Five Veg Recipe


Veg Recipe - Cauliflower: roast, tandoori, fry cutlets, paste | Potato Fry, Potato Pakora | Vanilla Cake

Cauliflower is considered the main winter vegetable. This vegetable is available in large quantities in winter. It tastes as good to eat as it looks. Here are some fun recipes with cauliflower that you can make at home in less time if you want.

Today I will tell you four cauliflower recipes that you can make and eat at home.

1. Cauliflower roast or korma Recipe, Veg Recipe

Necessary ingredients for Cauliflower roast

A cauliflower, roast spice, chili powder, onion, cumin powder, coriander powder, Ginger paste, sunbath, sour curd, etc.

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Cauliflower roast Recipe making process.

First, cut the cauliflower into pieces. Keep a little light large size without too many pieces, a lot of chicken roast size. 

Boil in hot saltwater in the oven with light saltwater. Boil in boiling water for 3/4 minutes, then lower it and drain the water. 

Now fry the cauliflower pieces on low to medium heat. 

Heat oil in a pan and pour all the spices. Mix the spices well in the oil and heat. Once the spices are hot, add the yogurt and a little sugar and stir for a while more. 

Once the spices are well seasoned, add the cauliflower and cook till cooked. Cook over low heat and remove when cooked.

Now serve fun cauliflower items.

2. Cauliflower tandoori Recipe, Veg Recipe

Cauliflower tandoori Recipe.
Image: Cauliflower Tandoori

Necessary ingredients for Cauliflower Tandoori

Cauliflower a, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, yogurt amount, coriander powder, chili powder, lemon juice, and besan.

Cauliflower Tandoori Recipe making process

First, cut the cauliflower into rounds. Next, wash the cauliflower well and boil it in salt water for a while. Make sure that it is not too soft. In this case, boil it in boiling water for 3/4 minutes. When it is cooked, cool it down and drain the water. 

Now rub all the ingredients, then cover the cauliflower with spices and cover for 1 hour—heat oil in a pan. 

Now fry the cauliflower on low heat. Once fried, put the cauliflowers inside a thick stick and put it on the fire for a while. 

Apply some spices and mustard oil prepared on the fire to the cauliflower. After keeping it for a while, when it is done, lower it and serve it.

3. Cauliflower fry cutlets Recipe, Veg Recipe

Cauliflower fry cutlets Recipe.
Image: Cauliflower Cutlets

Necessary ingredients for Cauliflower cutlets

Cauliflower and boiled potatoes, 2/3 piece of bread, flour, onion, cumin powder, Ginger paste, Garlic paste, eggs, etc.

Cauliflower Cutlets Recipe making process

First, take cauliflower and potato moth and mix all the spices except eggs in a container. Take all the spices as per your quantity and mix well. 

Now mix the mashed potatoes and cauliflower with the spices. Once mixed, make a cutlet size by hand. 

If the mixture becomes too thin, mix the flour so that the cutlets are a little stiff. Now dip the cutlets inside the egg and fry in hot oil. Preheat the oil in the oven and fry over low heat. When fried, serve with sauce.

4. Cauliflower paste Recipe, Veg Recipe

Cauliflower veg paste Recipe.
Image: Cauliflower Paste 

Necessary ingredients for Cauliflower paste

Cauliflower, onion, green pepper, salt,

Cauliflower paste Recipe making process.

Just like you have eaten paste potatoes, try cauliflower and one day. Very tasty to eat and less hassle to make. First, boil the cauliflower well. 

Now onion is well mixed with green chili salt and coriander leaves. Mix well with cauliflower and spices like potatoes. Once mixed, pour in the amount of mustard oil, then mix again.

5. Potato Fry Recipe, Veg Recipe

Potato Fry Recipe.
Image: Potato Fry

Necessary ingredients for Potato Fry

# Like the number of potatoes 

# 3 eggs 

#Basan | Oil #Onion | Raw pepper | Coriander leaves Ginger Bata | Jira Gura

Potato Fry Recipe making process

Peel a squash, grate it and boil it with 2 eggs. When the potatoes are cooked, make besan mixed in the gap.

Mix 1 egg, ginger paste, dried chili, salt, and spice powder with besan. Butter the besan for a while and add water gently as needed.

When the potatoes are cooked, make mashed potatoes with onion, green chilies, and coriander leaves. Now cut the boiled egg into pieces, take the mashed potato in hand, and put one egg inside it.

Dip the small rounded potatoes in the pressure basin and leave them in the hot oil. Keep frying a little ache, but do not stir it too much as it may break the pressure of the potato.

When the potato pressure turns dark brown, drain the oil. 

The base became hot egg potato pressure. Serve with sauce to get more taste.

6. Potato Pakora Recipe, Veg Recipe

Potato Pakora Recipe.
Image: Potato Pakora

Necessary ingredients

# 1 cup mashed potatoes 

# Onion crush and green chili crush 

# Ginger paste and cumin powder 

# Fry coriander leaves and fries coriander powder 

# Necessary materials # 1 cup mashed potatoes 

# Onion crush and green chili crush 

# Ginger paste and cumin powder 

# Fry coriander leaves and fries coriander powder 

# Salt and besan 

Potato Pakora Recipe making process

The process of making potato pakora Salt and besan The process of making potato pakora

Take all the ingredients except oil in a container and whisk well by hand. Apply it lightly with a little water for a while and take care that the mixture does not become thin.

Heat lightly with oil in a pan, then roll the mixture as desired and leave it in the oil. Once fried, lower and serve with sauce.

7. Vanilla Cake Recipe

Vanilla Cake Recipe.
Image: Vanilla Cake

Necessary ingredients for Vanilla Cake.

# 3 cups flour

# 2 eggs

# 1.5 tablespoons baking powder

# Sugar and oil

# Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla Cake Recipe making process.

# First, mix all the ingredients except oil. After mixing well, sift it well and grind it. In a blender, blend the egg oil, vanilla-flavored sugar very well.

# Gently mix the blended mixture with the dry mixed mixture. Do not mix by hand in any way. Mix gently with a spoon.

# Take a steel pot to make the cake and lubricate the pot with oil or butter. Now slowly pour the mixture into the pot. Heat a small pan or pan with a lid in the oven for a while.

# Place a stand on the pan or pan and place the cake mixture on the stand and cover the pan with the lid. Put the net on low heat for 40-45 minutes and then check with a fork.

Bonus Recipe Hot Tomato Sauce

Necessary ingredients for Tomato Sauce

# Red ripe tomatoes amount to one kg

# Onion crumbs and garlic

# sugar and salt

# Oat sugar powder / dried chili powder

Hot tomato sauce making process

1. First, wash the tomatoes well and cut them into thin slices. Then add onion and garlic and boil for a while in the water.

2. Cool down and drain the water completely. Blend the cooked tomatoes well in a blender. Finely chop the tomatoes blended with a tea strainer.

3. Heat the blended tomatoes in a pan over low heat for a while. Mix all the spices except the onion and garlic. If you want to eat more salt, you can add dried chili powder. Now keep stirring with all the spices for 8-10 minutes. Add vinegar before stirring and stir a little more.

4. If you want to preserve the sauce for a long time, take cornflour in a bowl and mix it with water. If you mix it with cornflower sauce, it will absorb the excess water inside the sauce, then the sauce will stay good for a long time.

5. Once all the sauce has cooled at the end, store it inside a glass box. It will be better to keep it in a normal fridge for 8/10 months.

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