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Cold Coffee, Faluda, Borhani and Spice Tea


Four Drinks recipes: Cold Coffee, Faluda, Borhani, and Spice Tea.

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There is no such thing as a cup of tea for a nap or a little refreshment. After drinking tea, the body becomes strong, and if it is spicy milk tea, then there is no point. Make spicy milk tea at home and see how much it tastes like.

Today I will tell you how you can make spicy milk tea in a short time.

Necessary ingredients for Spice Tea

Cow's milk and tea leaves


Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, and bay leaves

Spice Tea making process

# First, take a quantity of water in a pot. When the water is hot, pour all the spices per the quantity and keep stirring for a while.

# After giving milk, stir for a while, add tea leaves and stir for 3/4 minutes.

It should be noted that if the milk does not rot, then the tea may be ripe.

# When the tea has the color of your choice, lower it and strain it through a sieve.

The spice tea of ​​your choice is ready. Now drink the tea and become strong.

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Necessary ingredients for Borhani

Talk Yogurt | Green pepper | Coriander leaves Mint leaves | Sugar | Bit salt | Pepper | Coriander powder | Salt

Borhani Recipe making process

Blend with sour yogurt, green pepper, coriander leaves, and mint leaves in a blender. Mix well with water as needed. Now mix all the ingredients and blend again. If you want to eat more salt, you can increase the pepper.

Necessary ingredients for faluda

 Milk | Sugar | Jelly | Sagu | The fruit tastes like its own Vanilla ice cream cashew nuts

 Faluda Recipe making process

First, boil the sago well in a pot. Once cooked, strain the water and cool

Keep heating with one liter of milk and an adequate amount of sugar. Keep stirring until the milk is thick. Now cut the fruit as desired and cut it into pieces. 

If you want to eat it cold, you can keep it all together and keep it in the fridge. After 2/3 hours, you can serve it with jelly.

If you like to eat nuts, you can mix cashew nuts in a pinch.

Necessary ingredients for Cold Coffee

# 2 cups milk

# 1.5 tablespoons of coffee powder

# Like the amount of sugar

# 2/3 cup of vanilla-flavored ice cream

# Syrup chocolate and ice cubes

Cold coffee Recipe making process

Pour the milk into a pot and heat it, then add the coffee powder and sugar as needed. When it is well heated, turn off the stove and cool it. Pour the mixture into a blender and add the vanilla ice cream along with it. 

If you want more cold, add ice as needed and blend. Spread the chocolate syrup inside a glass, then pour the coffee and pour the chocolate syrup over again. Once the base has become cold, coffee can now be served.

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