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Cheese Pizza, Chicken ‍Stick Kebab, Best Recipe 2021


Chicken Stick Kebab Recipes 

Many of you have eaten kebabs, but what about stick kebabs. Stick Kebab you can easily make at home, and this recipe is delicious.  

Kebabs are usually made over a wood fire, but you can also make chicken stick kebabs by frying them in a home pan. One day I will definitely test this recipe. I hope you like it very much.

Necessary ingredients for Chicken ‍Stick Kebab

Broiler Chicken, Mustard Oil, Radhuni Chicken Spice or Kebab Spice, Spicy Powder, Testing Salt, Coriander, Ginger-Garlic Bata, Cumin Powder, 

Chili Powder, Salt, Carrot, Turmeric Powder, Sauce, Soy sauce, Sour, Sour, Cardamom, long, etc.

Cheese Pizza, Chicken ‍Stick Kebab, Best Recipe 2021
Image: Chicken Kebab

Chicken ‍Stick Kebab Recipe making process.

First, take the chicken as you wish and cut it into pieces. Discard most of the chicken bones and tie as much meat as possible. 

Pour all the spices as per your quantity in a bowl, then mix with mustard oil. After mixing everything like quantity, test the sauce a little to see if everything is like quantity. Tasting salt is a must-have, so be sure to give it a try. It can take 15/20 rupees in the market.

Now pour the pieces of meat inside the spices and spread it well. Mix well with your hands for 5/6 minutes so that the spices get inside the heart. Since we will make the kebab, we need a little more pepper. You can give pepper as per your wish. 

If you touch too much spice, your hands may get burnt, so when the sauce is applied, wash your hands with water and use oil or hand sanitizer.  

If you don't wash your hands with soap after chili, it will burn a lot more. 

After mixing the meats well, cover the pot well and leave it for at least 1 hour. In this gap, you make a stick. Then, you can cut the bamboo into thin slices or take a bar. 

Now take a carrot and slice it into pieces. Keep in mind that if the stick is strong, then your work will be beneficial. 

After 1/2 hour, take the meat and put it inside the stick one by one. First, put a piece of carrot, then a piece of meat, then again put a piece of carrot inside the bar in this way.  All the heart is ready to put in the oven when the scales are finished.

Heat oil in a pan and take 1/2 egg and stir in the bowl. When the oil is hot, put a light egg mixture on top of the meat and leave it in the oil. If you want, you can also cover the egg with brass. 

If you keep frying on a light fire, the inside of the meat will cook very well. Wait until the flesh is brown.

Make a salad of your choice by frying the meat. You can use a little sauce to get the salad to taste better. When the frying is over, serve hot with the salad made down. If you don't have a salad, you can eat it with sauce.

The kebab will not taste good when it is cold, so eat it while still hot.

Home Made Cheese Pizza Recipes

Necessary ingredients for Cheese Pizza.

1 cup flour | 1 tablespoon (yeast, sugar, oil)

Quantity (Onion Crush | Tomato Sauce | Capsicum | Chili Flakes | Cheese Meat)

Cheese Pizza Recipe making process.

Pour one teaspoon of oil in the moth for 5/10 minutes and mix for a while more. 

When mixed, cover with a lid for 2/3 hours. Then, mix the mixture for a while more and make a round shape. 

Cook on low heat in the oven for 5/10 minutes and cook on the other side for a while. Mix the cheese, meat, tomato, sauce, capsicum, onion, chili flakes, and pour over the round kai. Make sure you don't go outside later. 

Ready to serve fun homemade Cheese Pizza

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